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Elliot Kirk

Greetings Microsoft Edge Insiders!

Let us start off by saying, welcome to the Microsoft Edge Insider community! We’re so excited to have you here, and we can’t wait to start learning from you. If you haven’t read our Welcome to the Microsoft Edge Insider community article yet, we recommend starting there. It has a bunch of great information on how we got here and where we’re heading.
Our mission:
Our mission is to create a thriving community of valuable Insiders, like you, so we can closely listen and learn how Microsoft Edge can be better. We believe that having open, honest, and continued conversations with our Insider community is a great way to build a close relationship with our users.

Why do all of this? Because we want to build a browser that’s deeply grounded in your needs. Your voice is the most important piece of helping us build a better Microsoft Edge. The feedback you provide leads to meaningful conversations that may ultimately produce the new features, bug fixes, and other improvements that matter the most to you. Listening is just the beginning for us. Our true goal is to build Microsoft Edge with the voice of the Insider community as our guiding light.


Community voice

When we announced the next version of Microsoft Edge back in December, we asked a simple question: If you could change one thing about the web, what would it be?
We were completely humbled by the over 40k comments you’ve shared with us. That’s a whole lot of ideas. Thank you!


You tell us that you love some things about the current Microsoft Edge browser, like the smooth scrolling experience, our Fluent Design and the precision touchpad, and you hope we’ll bring those things forward into the next version too.

Some of you are frustrated with the way that sites render so differently depending on the browser you're using to view them. You also tell us that Web Standards are on the top of your mind. We hear that you want all browsers to adopt the same standards. We hear from some of you web developers that you want new capabilities added to the web platform; whether that be in CSS, HTML or JavaScript. Another top request is an improved dev tools experience.

We hear that you have strong feelings about online advertising. Some of you wish ads that pop-up would just disappear and the same for auto-playing ads. While others feel a strong desire to remove or fundamentally change how online advertising works on the web. There is concern how these advertisements enable sites to track you as you browse which feels "creepy" and "invasive."

The overwhelming majority of comments (we’re talking thousands of messages) that we have read wish for a change in the fundamental attributes of the web. Make it faster, safer, more reliable and more private. You want your browsers to have smaller memory footprints, lower battery consumption, higher rendering speed and better stability. We agree with you wholeheartedly! The attributes that you say matter most in your browsing experience are performance, privacy, and reliability. So that is where we are starting.
We are focusing on delivering outstanding fundamentals. Speed, stability, accessibility, compatibility, security, and privacy are always top of mind for us. We are using your comments and suggestions to guide us while we are getting the new Microsoft Edge ready for its debut.



What’s next?
In the meantime, jump in, download the Microsoft Edge Insider Channels, and let us know what you think. What’s working well? Where do we need to improve? Over time, we hope to build healthy engagement and feedback loops with our community members.


We’re also mindful that our users have preferred ways to engage with us. Whether you view the latest information on the Microsoft Edge Insider website, enjoy direct discussions on our forum, need a personal support assistant via help (F1), share your feedback and suggestions via the smiley face, or just want to give us a shout on Twitter, we’re always listening and looking for ways to reach out wherever our users feel most comfortable and prefer to talk to us. We’re all ears!


Thank you for being here. We look forward to listening and engaging with you.


-The Microsoft Edge Team-


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@Elliot Kirk how to post a question or suggestion?

First issue, YouTube full screen videos. When the video controls are on the screen the video playback is not at all reliable. The framerates go through the floor and the video playback gets very choppy.

Hi @Lawrence_Bai,  You can reply to the article you wish to ask about, or if you want to start your own discussion, you are welcome to ask it in the Discussions space here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Discussions/bd-p/EdgeInsiderDiscussions

@Elliot Kirk Hi Elliot, thanks so much.

Thank you! Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts as you get to know the new browser better.

Hi to all. I am here from Portugal.

Just find out Chrome version of IDM Integration Module doesn't work on Insider... I rely on it heavily, please help.

confirmed, seems that Hardware Acceleration is not working properly in comparison with IE11 or Edge.

@Deleted I've got no problem here with HTML 5 player, AVC 4k@60fps... For ref, I'm on CanaryVideoDecode.png

Welcome, we hope to hear more from you as you explore the new Microsoft Edge browser!
Hi @Kexy Biscuit, if you are blocked by this extension, you might consider hitting up our support experts by filing a ticket here: https://microsoftedgesupport.microsoft.com/hc/en-us

We need to be able to use our Office365 account to sign in for syncing passwords, bookmarks, etc. Requiring a Microsoft account defeats the purpose of a truly unified account. They can sign into windows with a 365 account, get email and their apps with it. Now we just need the browser to work with it! @Elliot Kirk 

@Elliot Kirk I've just loaded both Dev and Canary.  It's great that you can have them both on your machine at the same time, but it would be nice if there was some indicator in the browser windows header to show which is which. 

@Deleted 4k@120fps is OK here...


@Kexy Biscuit maybe is related with this edge://flags/#d3d11-video-decoder due is not enabled by default.

@Elliot Kirk Is a Linux version planned? 

That is a great suggestion, thank you @Graham Watson
@xanplx, @cjean, We are looking into releasing the next version of our Microsoft Edge browser on several platforms. Can you tell me more about your needs for having it on Linux?

@Elliot Kirk As a web developer I do like to test sites on as many platforms as possible. I know it's going to use the Chromium engine so hopefully things just work as they do in other Chromium browsers. As far as I'm aware, every single one has a Linux version: Vivaldi, Brave, Opera, Chromium, Chrome, etc.


If Edge for Linux worked well enough I may even use it as my primary browser.

I agree with Michael.  Profile sync should support Office 365 login.  @Michael Morrison  @Elliot Kirk 

@Elliot Kirk As a user to benefit of account syncing between devices and all other Edge features and as a developper to be sure that all our websites/apps are working properly

Just installed Insider build and checked all my favourites. Looking good so far!



@Kexy Biscuit After exploration, I figured it out: install the extension from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/idm-integration-module/ngpampappnmepgilojfohadhhmbhlaek instead of IDM provided files.

Glad to hear it @RichardUK!
This is great feedback @cjean. I have already reached out to the folks responsible and let them know the what and the why. Please keep using the browser and let me know if you have any other feedback.
Thank you,
@Chris Cooper, @Michael Morrison, Yep we hear you loud and clear. This is a priority for us as well.

I think Edge should be based on chromium architecture and have cool new features like native dark mode for even web pages, QUIC protocol, HD support for AV1 format on YouTube, Faster opening of the app from windows, etc. @Elliot Kirk 

I am Sorry, I do not care How you repackage EDGE, I prefer Explorer !

Dark Mode? My eyes, they're burning. @Elliot Kirk 

I'm running a Lenovo Snapdragon based system. Your download fails to install. Really? Is ARM64 too hard for you to compile?@Elliot Kirk 

To my suprise Edge fails to install on my ARM64 based Windows 10 system. What's up with that? There is not even a button for notification once the ARM64 version is available... since apparently it is supposed to run on Windows 10 devices

@Elliot Kirk 

@Elliot Kirk 

The looks are much better than the previous version. The latter was one of the reasons I didn't use Edge.


Currently, my favorite browser is Vivaldi, for several different reasons, including the UI and the features. Edge has some catching up to do, before I can consider making Edge my default browser over Vivaldi.


Also, tried to access one of my favorite sites (ESPN Cricinfo). That didn't load at all. 


For those of who prefer it, how about providing an option to have a classic menu bar, rather than the current one?


@Elliot Kirk So the text rendering is not a patch on EdgeHTML, are there any plans to contribute to the rendering engine to bring Chromium up to the standard of EdgeHTML in this area?

@Elliot Kirk My biggest concerns about Edge have never been the rendering engine, they have been the malicious ads and clickbait on the start page, and Bing integration plus the inability to save (pages or pdfs). Will these issues be addressed in the new Edge?

It looks like you are importing Chrome bookmarks without asking the user permission. Not a good first impression.
We hear you. I myself am wearing sunglasses. Dark mode is coming soon, and in the meantime, if your OS theme is dark you can try out the follow OS theme feature by turning the flag edge://flags/#edge-follow-os-theme to 'enabled' and relaunching the browser.

@Elliot Kirk First test looks solid, I hope you'll implement the features from the old Edge that made me love the UWP version. In particular, will you implement XAML Island for Fluent Design, please?

@Elliot Kirk  Perhaps I can't figure it out, but I really don't like this favorites bar. Is there a simple way I can just have a button that will drop down my favorites like in the real version of Edge? 

@Elliot Kirk  Thanks for the work. Just like yerr did with Edge for android, it was the best decision. Its more fluent and easy to use, from the first second i had it. it is a braw browser and we just hauding at the early stage ye know.

Now, some things i've noted :

- The Windows 10 tablet mode "return" button dinnae return a page. Instead rolls back to the Start Menu (in edge it worked like the back button at the adress bar). 

-ah dinnae ken, but couldnt change my News Country for the New Tab Feed so im havin the USA news...  trying to keep the heid currently. hope you can hoggle these for better ones or at least the good ole UK news that yer had on classic edge.


Thanks hope ya read this. and treat urselves to some skoosh to celebrate

@Elliot Kirk is there an Offline-Installer available?
How to Install on a Machine not connected to Internet?

Ping: @John Vintzel - why does the Edge-Team provide a proprietary Installer.exe and not a modern MSIX-Package which I would prefer?

Waiting for version for android. <3
When will you return the old Edge PDF reader/editor and Surface Pen support? They were great in the old Edge, and the standard Chromium PDF reader is atrocious

when will the New microsoft edge be available for the regular average joe? Because this new Microsoft edge is alot better than the current one

@Elliot Kirk 

Glad to be on board! Lets build the next great version of Edge!
We are working on it, Today was the first day of our journey. Thank you for your kind words, and please keep updating the build and continue with us as we get closer to our full release.

Ok here is a few things that need to happen edge needs to less resource hungry and battery friendly and add ask cortana please.@Elliot Kirk 

@KKKillerBean  You already have android version! Its just like New Edge, built upon Chromium Core retaining functionality and speed.

@Elliot Kirk I can't begin to explain how exited I am about your guys chromium browser. The UI is so much better.

@trparky I do not have this issue.