Introducing new and modern chart types

When talking with Access customers, we often hear about the key role that Access reports play for decision makers looking to draw powerful insights out of their business’s data. The desire for Access to provide a fresher, more modern data visualizations – as well as a streamlined process for creating those visualizations – has been prominent in these conversations as well as in other channels such as User Voice. 

Today, the Access team is excited to unveil our response to these concerns: a new set of cleaner, more descriptive Access charts that provide more ways to visualize your data and present it in a new and modern way.

Say hello to the new and improved Column, Line, Bar, Pie, and Combo charts! Each of these chart types can easily be added to a form or report to visualize your data and help you make more informed decisions.

AccessColumnChart.pngColumn Chart


AccessLineChart.pngLine Chart


AccessBarChart.pngBar Chart


AccessPieChart.pngPie Chart


AccessComboChart1.pngCombo Chart


Each chart can be customized to fit your specific needs using the new and intuitive Chart Settings pane and the familiar Property Sheet. Use these features to change the style and layout of the chart, add chart elements like legends and data labels, and fine-tune the fonts and colors.


These updates are available as part of an Office 365 subscription. If you are an Office 365 subscriber, find out how to get these latest updates.


Modern and Classic Side By Side

We realize that many existing customer solutions rely on the current (aka classic) charts, and those solutions will continue to work – you’ll just have more options to choose from. Access developers can use the new charts alongside the classic charts within the same solution, and transition to the new charts at the pace they desire.



We hope you’ll give the new charts a try – we’d love your feedback! We’re always looking for more ways to improve.

You can leave comments here, or use the Send-A-Smile tool in Access to let us know what you think of the new chart experience.  

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It's important to see the renewed commitment by Microsoft in support of Access desktop platform.
Ms Access is by far the best FE tool for RAD development and new features can only improve it ...
Thanks in particular to Michal for the commitment and enthusiasm to share all the news with the community !

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When exactly will the new charts be available?

@James Muka  AFAIK as of today there is still no "exactly". This is what can be said according to MS sources:


Modern charts are coming "very soon" in O365 and they will also be in Access 2019, which is announced for the second half of this year, i.e. not quite so soon. There aren't specific dates for both yet. Meanwhile you can study the initial documentation. 



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Thanks for the link Karl!