Saving images into drawing canvas double the size of docx

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Hello everyone,

I want to share a problem for which I found a solution. I write a lot of documents with images and annotations on it. So i used to insert the images into a new drawing canvas (zone de dessin in french). Often, my docx were heavy. I found the problem today : when saved into a drawing canva, Word save the image twice ! I could see it by saving my docx as a zip file. In the media rep. all images were saved in double.

I don't know why Word is doing this, but it's a bad habit (insert image into drawing canva) to kill until this problem is not solved.

I hope this fix will be spread and a solution find by @microsoft



In French :

Bonjour, je vous partage un problème de taille de fichier word pour lequel j'ai trouvé une solution. Je rédige souvent des documents avec des images annotées. Aussi, j'ai pris l'habitude d'enregistrer les images dans une zone de dessin pour que les annotations ne bougent pas en cas de modification du texte. Je me suis rendu compte que Word enregistre 2 fois les images lorsqu'elles sont dans des zones de dessin (ce que j'ai pu constater en enregistrant un fichier docx en .zip). Il ne faut donc surtout pas enregistrer d'image dans une zone de dessin. J'espère que Microsoft trouvera une solution à cette erreur. 


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@Pierre_Walter  Thank you for sharing this information.

If you wish to share further, I suggest posting as a discussion in the more general Word Questions forum.

Hello @Pierre_Walter,

the solution is already there, one might add.


Use the drawing canvas only if you need to edit the picture, or better yet, edit the picture outside of Word. I never used drawing canvas just to insert images.


To prevent picture from moving with text, insert it into a table.  For the annotation use either a simple text or caption above marked with 'Keep with next'. For the same below you then need to mark the paragraph with the picture to be marked with 'Keep with next'.


I hope this helps.