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May 31 2023, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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WSUS plugin in WAC

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Are there any plans to bring the WSUS console into WAC as a plugin, reflecting most of the features, including the ability to import updates?

Most of the actions in the WSUS console should be underlying PowerShell commands, which would be the qualifying thing for this task, imho. 


There are still a lot of customers that rely on WSUS and do not leverage ConfigMgr (due overhead, licensing, TCO) or WuFB (cloud use restriction policies), missing ability of WuFB of managing Windows Server.


I am not aware if WuFB can now also manage Windows Server 2012 and newer and gather the update status in a dashboard, as it does for Windows 10. 

If this is a limitation it should be considered to offer a single pane for free* of modern management as a whole pendant to WSUS.

*eventually charging log analytics workspace

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I mind that specificially importing updates from Update Catalog (e.g. Intel Sidechannel fixes) into WSUS MMC urges the user to change the default browser to IE.

There is no way in a GUI fashioned way to import updates using a modern and secure browser on Windows 10 / Server, such as Microsoft Edge Chromium.