This PC Cannot be Upgraded message for Windows 2004 Feature Updates on Surface Pro 7


How does the "kill bit" work that prevents a device from updating to the latest feature update? How does that bit get cleared at some point?


I have a Surface Pro 7 that won't allow me to install the 2004 Feature Update. I get the "This PC Cannot be Upgraded" message with this link


When I visit the link, it says this issue was resolved with the June LCU. 

Next steps
This issue was resolved in KB4557957. The safeguard hold is estimated to be removed in the coming weeks.


I have tried using the June updated ISO from MSDN as well as disabling dynamic updates and can't get past this block. It seems that the device has a "kill bit" on it now that is preventing it from getting the update.  How does this process actually work? How do we get past the safeguard in a situation like this? 

Here's what SetupDiag shows.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
    <Manufacturer>Microsoft Corporation</Manufacturer>
    <Model>Surface Pro 7</Model>
    <TargetOSBuildString>10.0.19041.1 (vb_release.191206-1406)</TargetOSBuildString>
    <HostOSLanguageId />
    <RegisteredAV>Windows Defender</RegisteredAV>
    <FilterDrivers />
    <UpgradeElapsedTime />
    <RollbackElapsedTime />
    <TotalOfflineTime />
  <LogErrorLine>2020-06-24 17:45:10, Error                 MOUPG  CSetupManager::ExecuteInstallMode(898): Result = 0xC1900209</LogErrorLine>
  <FailureData> Error: SetupDiag reports abrupt down-level failure. Last Operation: Finalize Error: 0xC1900209 - 0x4000D</FailureData>
  <FailureData>LogEntry: 2020-06-24 17:45:10, Error                 MOUPG  CSetupManager::ExecuteInstallMode(898): Result = 0xC1900209</FailureData>
  <FailureDetails>ErrorCode = 0xC1900209, ExCode = 0x4000D, Oper = Finalize</FailureDetails>


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