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May 31 2023, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Start Menu Not Working

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I'm getting the "Critical Error. Your start menu isn't working...." I've found several post that talk about a start menu troubleshooter, but every link goes to a dead page. 


Does anyone have an updated link to this troubleshooter or any other advice to correct this issue?



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Hi Jose,


Its really hard finding a link that doesn't include a link to someone's virus and spam ridden troubleshooting tool download - and always avoid those... 


This link on Toms Hardware by Jamie Kavanagh is worth a try - boot to Safe Mode and retry..


The official Microsoft line is here:


I cant find the original startmenu.diagcab file either, crtainly not on Microsofts site, and wouldn't trust a third party download of a system tool, so hope these two links help.


If you can boot to a safe mode desktop that should help - you can then try all the usual sfc/scannow and DISM options - also try Windows Update and see if theres a new update of Windows available (Even and isnider one if you are not on that program)  - that often fixes things.

Worst case you may have to reset...


Hope one of the above links helps