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What workloads would be ideal to move from MEMCM over to Intune? Pretty basic question just curious. We’ve just started to play around with Intune.
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A lot of customers choose to move Conditional Access or Windows Updates first. I would recommend reviewing your estate and looking at what workload works best for your business. I find the more difficult workload to move is application because of all the depth of application deployment customers can go through with certain applications. In short test them all, review your estate and plan around what makes more sense for your business.

+1 to @Danny Guillory's comments. Also, keep in mind that not all of the workload sliders act the same way. Some don't disable the functionality in ConfigMgr but instead just enable the functionality in both. Review the workload documentation for more details and then as Danny noted, test, test, test. 


@null null All of them.... none of them... it really depends on the individual organization and what you're trying to achieve. Personally conditional access is one of the first I'd look at, it introduces something net new so there's no migration or redesign.


Really it comes down the the value you can bring to your org by attaching to the cloud. Swinging workloads should be value driven not arbitrarily driven simply for the reason of swinging a workload.


Especially in the current work from home reality, lots of customers are looking to move to Autopilot and leverage more cloud based management to enable easier provisioning and managing off the corporate network.


Couple of resources to check out aka.ms/bigthree and Flexible paths to cloud management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Microsoft Tech Community