Company Portal Deployment from Intune

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I have been waiting on Fast Track to get back to me regarding my inquiry I have regarding Company Portal and the deployment via Intune. From my findings and what the documentation indicates from Microsoft is that the offline version is what needs to be deployed. This is successful compared to the online version which does not deploy, status remains blank. However the notion of deploying the offline version and then having to maintain its versioning seems really counterintuitive. I am wondering if anyone here has feed back on this. 

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I think to deploy the Online version you have to make sure you're targeting Users for your deployment, and also ensuring you have Store for Business configured........even though it's on a path to deprecation in 2023.
Yes both have been checked. Its a user base deployment and the link to SfB is enabled and in good standing. Part of this from my side is in prep of SfBs deprecation.
Are you able to successfully deploy any other Store Apps?
Yes we are. I guess if others are able to deploy the online version of the Company Portal I will have to wait until the Fast Track team gets back to me or open a case with Microsoft itself.
All Win32 apps made available and or those from MECM show up in the offline Company Portal fine. We are seeing those set to be available through the Company Portal as set in Intune never show up as well.
I know there was also some discussion on whether off-line apps never update or not. I think in some cases, if you allow the Store (Private) the off-line App would update after it is deployed. I don't remember what the final answer was to this, though.

I'm assuming you have the Private Store open and you have the Online Company Portal assigned to all users in the Store?
MS Store app managed via GP and set to private store. Apps then available via Private Store as needed to user.
This though pertains specific to Company Portal via Intune assigned to users. Tested both in Dev and Prod and online license is a no go. Like I said I will leave this discussion as is for now and wait to hear back from MS. I was mainly seeing if others experienced this as well.