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I am trying to add the JA-JP language pack on Windows Server 2022 but it doesn't seem to work as I am expecting. I downloaded the MultiLang_Langpack_FOD for Windows Server 2022 and exported the CAB files related to the JA-JP language. When I point to the basic language, I have the following error. 




When I point the the folder having the several files related to JA-JP, I have the following error. 




When I try in CLI, not much success there neither. 




When I point the Windows Server 2019 JA-JP cab file, it seems that he is recognised but obviously cannot be installed. 




Did anyone figure the same and could support ? 




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Hi @arnaudletellier,


Thank you for being a part of the Microsoft community. I'm took a look at your question below and noticed that the JA-JP language pack referenced in the CLI screenshot ends in "" - can you confirm the file extension of the Language Pack and the MultiLang_Langpack_FOD download location?


Language packs typically end with a single ".cab" indicating the file extension type but I want to ensure that the files in the FOD available for download are correctly formatted.


Hi @ayshahabbaba


Thanks for coming back to me on this one.


I am not sure why but I simply moved the files from the user profile directory to c:\temp and I tested the same and it worked using the CLI. The GUI is still telling me that the basic is corrupted or that he can't find a valid language pack.


So I have been able installing the 5 CAB files and add the japanese language but it doesn't say that the language pack is installed though. I can have japanase as input method but the OS remains in English even if I set Japanese at the top. 








Thanks for getting back to me - I think we were able to replicate the issue you're facing.


Within the provided image (the LOF) from Microsoft, there are many .cab (or Cabinet type) files available for each supported language, some of which are component specific like: "Language-FeaturesBasic-ja-jp" or "Notepad-ja-jp".


You want to ensure that you install the Language Pack for JP and not the FeaturesBasic, trying to install that .cab file could lead to the corrupt error you shared before. The file you want to install is the Language Pack JA-JP and looks something like this:




If you are doing this via command line, the file should end in "".


My only concern is about the "MultiLang_Langpack_FOD" - I believe Microsoft publishes it's additional Languages and Features in a "LOF" ISO image, no longer in FODs. Where did you obtain your MultiLang ISO from?

Hi @ayshahabbaba


Good that you could reproduce :)

I got the Volume Licensing Service Center

Windows 2022 LOF.png

That's the only one ISO I could find which would have fit my need (SW_DVD9_NTRL_Win_Svr_2022_64Bit_MultiLang_Langpack_FOD_App_Compat_X22-61280.ISO). 


Strange enough... While looking for ja-jp using the file explorer, it didn't return me this cab file :\


After browsing I got it and it looks much better. I feel to dumb right now :o 




Thanks a lot for the support :)