Windows Server 2022 (Hyper-V) AVMA-Keys

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I got Windows Server 2022 Datacenter (Hyper-V) via Visual-Studio Subscription (MSDN) to test our environment with Windows Server 2022. I am now looking for the AVMA keys for Windows Server 2022.
Where can I find the keys?



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@Michael Luttmer in fact the generic KMS keys have been published in but this table is missing it
Automatic virtual machine activation | Microsoft Docs

I will try to ask for this on github.

Here is the PR: Please provide AVMA Keys for Windows Server 2022 LTSC by Karl-WE · Pull Request #5605 · MicrosoftDoc...

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Here are the default AVMA keys
Windows Server Standard YDFWN-MJ9JR-3DYRK-FXXRW-78VHK
Windows Server Datacenter W3GNR-8DDXR-2TFRP-H8P33-DV9BG