Windows Server 2022 Datacenter: Azure Edition Available on Azure


As part of Azure Automanage, new scenarios and capabilities unlock with Automanage for Windows Server and its Azure IaaS virtual machines running Windows Server 2022 Datacenter: Azure Edition. The first three are Hotpatch (Preview), SMB over QUIC, and Extended Network for Azure. We update Windows Server Azure Edition machines annually with new features and we update Automanage for Windows Server continuously to make operating those features easy and reliable.


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Hotpatch (Preview): update without rebooting


With many organizations moving to a zero-trust security model, you can now deploy security updates without having to frequently reboot your Windows Server virtual machine. Hotpatching reduces the need to schedule security updates because you can deploy updates as soon as they become available. 


The hotpatch preview is now available on the GA release of Windows Server 2022 Azure Edition (server core).  Follow these steps to participate in the hotpatch preview.


SMB over QUIC: securely access file servers


A common challenge has been securely accessing file servers remotely over an untrusted network and without a VPN when you’re on a mobile device or working remotely. Now, generally available—SMB over QUIC. SMB over QUIC introduces an alternative to the TCP network transport, providing secure, reliable connectivity to edge file servers over untrusted networks like the internet.


It doesn't stop there though: Automanage machine best practices (preview) for Windows Server also includes SMB over QUIC management. QUIC uses certificates to provide its encryption and organizations often struggle to maintain complex public key infrastructures. Automanage machine best practices ensure that certificates do not expire without warning and that SMB over QUIC stays enabled for maximum continuity of service.


Extended Network: preserve on-premises IP addresses


When you migrate to Azure, there are some virtual machines that cannot change their IP address. Now generally available is an extended network for Azure, which allows you to migrate Windows Server workloads to Azure while preserving the original IP address.


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