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Question of the Day:

Q: My customer is in the process of digital transformation. They are modernizing their apps and infrastructure. Many apps are moving to Azure and many apps need to stay on-premises. For the app that need to stay on-premises, my customer is looking for information about Windows Server 2019. They are interested in a high-level summary, features, functionality (app dev, containers, hybrid scenarios, security, etc.) and when Windows Server v.Next is anticipated. Do we have anything that I can share with them?

A: Yes. There are numerous public resources available. The best thing to do would be to start by watching the two Ignite sessions below. They provide a great foundation and cover everything you’re asking below and more and filled with compelling demos. The first session provides a high level overview and the deep dive builds on this and goes further. If your customer wants to dive in deeper and read the docs, links to the Windows Server docs are below.

Videos (with Demos)
IGNITE: Windows Server 2019 What’s new and what’s next

IGNITE: Windows Server 2019 Deep Dive

Windows Server Documentation

Download Windows Server Docs as PDF


Windows Server Summit

This is over 6 hours of content all available for streaming. Here just part of the agenda:
• Innovations in Microsoft’s hybrid strategy: Deep dive into Microsoft’s hyperconverged technologies and how to add hybrid services from Azure.
• Modernize Windows Server apps and workloads: Learn about security, Remote Desktop Services, containers, and features on demand.
• New in management and security: See what’s new in Windows Admin Center, System Center 2019, and Windows Server 2019.
• Insights and best practices: Chat with Windows Server community experts.
• Looking ahead: Learn more about Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel and Windows Server on Azure.


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