Windows Server 2016 Database cannot install Wi-Fi driver

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I have recently installed Windows Server 2016 Data on Dell 5770 and while installing drivers l came across an issue. My WiFi driver failed to install stating that it cannot be installed on this platform and that l should search for suitable driver for my platform. I went to Device Manager and indeed, there are two unknown devices missing proper drivers, one of which is my WiFi device. Because of this, my WiFi simply does not work l can only use Ethernet to connect to internet, but l don't have the cable. I searched to find proper drivers and found them on one website

but they don't work, they fail to install, l tried to install 4 of them l thought could work. I had windows 10 prior to this and l have dual boot with Ubuntu and l never had this kind of problem. I also searched internet and found people with similar issues on laptops other then Dell, but l couldn't solve my problem from those information. I hope someone can help me, thanks!

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I solved the issue, if someone happens to have the same problem you need to go to server manager and install "Wireless LAN service" feature, after that drivers will install correctly

Man you are a lifesaver, you know that? Thnx @Ognjen Bosić 

You're a lifesaver indeed. I just used your info to get an ancient Linksys Wireless-G Compact USB adapter (WUSB54GC) from 2006 working with a Dell PowerEdge T310 and Windows Server 2019. Thanks!