Windows Server 11

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Today Microsoft has announced Windows 11. Will it be a Windows 11 Server? Perhaps Windows Server 2022 will eventually share code with Windows 11 instead of Windows 10?

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Just as there was no Windows 10 Server, there will be no Windows 11 Server. Windows Server 2022 is the next release of Windows Server. Windows Server 2022 preview is available today on the Eval Center and Visual Studio Subscriptions, and general availability will be later this summer.

@Mary Hoffman 

Actually, that was not my point. I knew that. Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 were based on a clear Windows 10 LTSC build. The preview for Windows Server 2022 had the version Windows 10 code buld 21H2. My question was if Windows Server 2022 will, eventually, be based on Windows 11 build instead of a Windows 10. This matters in some aspects. Perhaps the non-LTSC, non-GUI version of Windows Server shall be based on a Windows 11 build, or Windows Server 2022 will be based on Windows 10 21H2?

The UI that is present in Windows Server 2022 today in build 20348 is the final UI for this version.