Which one Windows version is in the Windows Server vNext Build 22518?

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Hi Sirs,

I want to know which one Windows version in the Windows Server vNext Build 22518?

Is it based on Windows 11 or Windows 10? If it's Windows 11, if the platform request is existed?




by Tommy 


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Hi Tommy,

We have a common Windows codebase which is used for client and server, the kernel and such. Our goal for the desktop edition of server is to provide a client consistent experience, which feels familiar and an IT admin can easily take their skillset with client and use with server. Such as configuring networking is familiar, intuitive, and simple. So in the current Windows Server Insiders builds you will see that Windows Server desktop is consistent with the most current client desktop (aka. Win11 experience).


Hi Elden,

    Thanks for your explanation. Got it.

@Elden Christensen