Where is Hyper-V Server 2019?!

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Anyone know when MS will post it again for d-load??  Very frustrating since I need to rebuild my Hyper-V server and the new image is not here for dload!!  :((



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last news about 1809 lockdown from more than a moth ago :(
I'm waiting desperately to

Well after waiting month and month for Hyper-V 2019 to be available again I've given up!  Microsoft doesn't bother to update us on the situation and expects us to idly sit by and cross our fingers it will one day come out. 


Once again Microsoft treat us like idiots, So after 6 months of waiting and no updates i took thhe leap and decided to spend the cash and purchase VMware ESXi and I have too say despite the cost this has been the best decision i've ever made!  It's great to finally deal with a company that actually knows what they're doing and has a high regard to 2 things Microsoft has sadly forgotten about, that being 1.)  Quality Control and 2.)  Customer Service.


I couldn't be happier with my purchase and highly advise everyone out there to make the switch hif you can afford it, you will not be dissapointed.  Also VMware don't use their own customers as guinea pigs to test their new software.


This is the current quality of expertise at Microsoft - I opened up a live chat to Microsoft the other day and enquired about Hyper-V 2019.  The online technician advised me that he was not familiar with that product and as such Microsoft does not support it.  I asked him "Who is the company that makes Hyper-V?"  I gave him 4 minutes before i decided to tell him the answer was Microsoft.  I thought to myself this is silly, so opened up another live chat and sadly that was the same response I reveived from Microsoft expert #2.


What a joke!  Microsoft has gone downhill the last few years, its a joke and the faster a competing desktop operating system can come out the better.

What a joke!!!


Yeah, totally pathetic.  We know the products better than their own people.

I just gave-up since 2019 has a bug to not allow Remote Desktopping in, and went back to Hyper-V 2016 Server. And Im happy for now.

MS is going the way of the Dodo!  You hear me, Satya??!!

About the time we were getting ready to re-release Windows Server 2019 after the October recall, a new issue was discovered affecting only the HYPER-V media which prevented us from re-releasing it along with the rest of the Windows Server 2019 media. We have a fix and are working on getting the media validated and published as quickly as we can. We recognize that this is a pain point for our customers and apologize for the delay.  

Do you have any release date for this?

Does this new version include bugs discovered with remote access?

What about fixing the problem with Docker and Hyper V?


I am available to receive test versions of this image and give you feedback if you find it interesting.

We are in the process of validating a fix associated with the Hyper-V Server media.  We don't have a release date at this point, but we are actively working to get this validated and released.  Hyper-V Server 2019 does not include support for containers (nor did Hyper-V Server 2016).   

We are using containers in Hyper V 2016 right now and I can even install and download the images in Hyper V 2019 which does not occur due to some unknown error is the execution of the images.
I'm using Docker EE 18.09.1 ​​and running my containers with both Isolation Process and Hyper V without any problems what I miss are the features released in Build 1803 that are present (or should) in Hyper V 2019.

For other folks following this conversation, I've answered Vinicius' question on the same Git issue.

@Mary Hoffman  ok as long as the issue with Remote Desktop has been addressed (Because there is no point to even administer it if I cant do it remotely) then I want to give it another look.  Meanwhile I have already setup my Hyper-V 2016 server and that was a pain in the A so I don't relish having to do all over again with 2019.  Im running an Intel NUC as the host, and had to hack the NIC driver to make it work on server 2016, and all setup through PowerShell so not a picnic! ;)

Any update on an ETA for Hyper-V 2019 ISO?  Any chance it is dropping very soon as I can't reach the Evalcenter site at all today? 



Edit: Eval site is back up for me again.

Back up.....but takes you in a circle when you try to go to download the ISO!  Cmon man, don't get all our hopes up when the ISO is STILL not bloody posted!

See this!  --->>> "Your evaluation may be accessed here:

"Updated on January 17, 2019: The Windows Server 2019 evaluation media is now available at the Evaluation Center."
Really sick of this **bleep** merry-go-round!  Who's with me??!!
I second that :persevering_face:

Technically the blog is correct in that the Evaluation versions of Windows Server editions were posted to the Evaluation Center. Hyper-V is a free product that also just happens to be made available on the Eval Center along with other free products like the App Compat FoD. I wish I had better news for you as to the availability  -  all I can offer is that the issue is being worked and to again ask for your patience.

Out of interest @rspeaker, why not just run Windows Server Core instead of Hyper-V server?
Are you only running Linux VMs?

@Ben Thomasvery simple:  I do not desire to run server core.  Hyper-V server is still less resource-intensive than server core, because its a dedicated Hyper-V role server, and leaves me all the resources to my many VMs I'm running.  No, I'm not running any Linux VMs.

Anyway, a non-issue at this point.  I am happily running Hyper-V 2016 in case you missed my post above. :)

Is it perhaps an idea to inform us a little bit sooner? Even you must agree, the long silences are painfully quiet... :zipper_mouth_face:

Some of us are really following, out of confidence, almost every step Microsoft takes and want to be on top of things. know how evolution shapes te future, or visa versa. Why not sharing these statuses on the Windows Server blog, I guess many of us would sure appreciate "still alive" messages regarding the OS's reparation activities. (to my opinion)

Thanks anyways it is all appreciated !

Have also been waiting patiently for the Hyper-V 2019 evaluation media, as would like to run this on a new physical server, as opposed to tying down a Windows Server Standard license to that specific physical host. However, I need to have the guests set up and running this week. Do you think there is a chance that the Hyper-V Server 2019 media will be available this week? Otherwise, will have to use the Server Standard license, which I'd like to avoid if possible.


Thanks for the link. However, I can't bring myself to trust downloading an iso from a 3rd party website for a production server, would need to be directly from Microsoft. Thanks, though