Support for M365 Apps (O365) on Windows 2022

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We have a large number of Windows Server 2016 with M365 Apps (O365) and need to upgrade these servers now (end of support for WS2016 is Jan 2022).
The next server product to install for us would be Windows Server 2022, unfortunately there is no support for M365 apps (O365).
In general, it looks like the support of M365 Apps for Server OS will be discontinued 2025.

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We want to get a statement from Microsoft as to whether Microsoft intends to support M365 Apps (O365) on Windows Server 2022 at some point.
Now we have to make a strategic decision.
The time is not long until 2025!
The way is not to AVD or Microsoft Azure HCI, but the way is away from the concept of application (or desktop) "remoting" and thus we as customers are no longer available for AVD and Windows 365!

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Thank you for your question.
M365 Apps is supported on Windows Server 2016 & 2019 through October 2025 (see the support matrix at 


Many customers‘ workflows and solution setups deeply depend on hosting M365 Apps on their on premise server solutions. From my point of view there is simply no realistic possibility for moving the customers Remote Desktop services to AVD and not even W365. I do not understand Microsofts strategy behind this lifecycle concept. So the idea is if M365 Apps cannot be hosted on a supported client VM, customers need to migrate to Azure based hosting services?


What about AVD-on-HCI? The workload would still exist on-prem and you can leverage Windows 10 Multisession Hosts, keeping the VM count low.


Yes, there are a ton of questions still about licensing costs - the solution is not GA yet.



Will the new One Outlook work on Server 2022 for RDP? If so, then can at least configure for exchange email and clients can use outlook. Also, if not One Outlook, just any future version of outlook that is not called Office 365?


In short want a solution for RDP on Server 2022 with standalone ver of Outlook.

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Will Office volume license edition be supported? I find this move a little bit strange, many companies are relying on Office 365 on Remote Desktop Services. You can't expect all of them to go to Azure, sometimes they even can't because of regulations. Another option would be to move to on-prem Windows 10/11 with Office 365 but that would take a lot more resources. Or maybe Windows 10/11 multi-user if that becomes available on-prem.

I'm not too worried though, MS did come back from its decisions before. Once the big companies start to complain that they need it and that they don't let them be pushed to Windows 365 MS will once again change its mind. You can't just kill this and leave a huge gap and try to force companies to the cloud. Same as forcing Edge on people, or the Windows 8 debacle, eventually it will just backfire.

That is my issue too.
See and more; Outlook apparently is not supported on Windows 2022 but Office 2019 should work.
Can anybody confirm this?

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 There is also support for Office LTSC (aka Office 2021). 

Yes but then if you have local Office 365 and LTSC on 2022 you pay double the licensing costs. So customers have no option but to move to LTSC on all platforms. Seems to me that's not something MS would like. They have always been pushing to 365.
Yes, you are right! License costs will double. Right now Microsofts idea for on-premises remote app /desktop workloads is either a pure VDI or a multi-session workload based on Windows 10 multi-session running on top of Azure HCI Stack.
We have Office 2016 on Windows 2022 and Office 2019 on Windows 2016 which should not be possible according to this table.
Also it does not differentiate Office versions, for instance, will Office 2021 Professional Plus work on Windows 2022 RDS with Exchange Online licenses?
Good question. If Office LTSC only works with on-prem Exchange it would be useless.
Office LTSC is a supported solution to connect to M365 Apps Online Services
We have the same issue.
Please include support for Microsoft 365 Apps on Server 2022.
This is a pretty naked power & cash grab by Microsoft. They're basically saying - we have you over a barrel, and we're going to make you pay in the worst way possible. You will be forced to subscribe to every piece of software we release, whether it's Windows, Office, or Exchange. How long until they say they'll only support it in THEIR cloud? Because that's the next step.
Where do we launch a formal complaint regarding this? greatquux is right, and we need to push back. We are already completely re-examining our platform choices for clients due to this change in policy.
We are now about to say goodbye to RDS. We have 90% less RDS CALs and server cores to license and will bring our customers to other solutions in the next month. What a stupid decision by ms. They could still have cashed in for a workstation and terminal server...
And how long until Microsoft decides to stop releasing an Office LTSC? We need a supported solution that allows recent and supported Windows Server RDS to run supported Office apps and connect to M365 online services, even if it's only Office LTSC that we have to volume-license.
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First off I would like to thank everyone for the feedback and apologize for the delay in responding to this thread. Your feedback has made a difference, and sparked many internal discussions... we have customers running M365 on WS2016 and WS2019 today, and we want to enable staying current and secure being able to upgrade to WS2022. 


<UPDATED EDIT> In response to your feedback we have announced support for M365 on Windows Server 2022, please see this link for additional information: 

Windows Server end of support and Microsoft 365 Apps - Deploy Office | Microsoft Learn 

Again, thank you for your feedback and passion!!

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