Server vNext 25941 and Server 2022 deduplication profile hyperv/VDI corrupts data

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I have described it here too:

and I just reproduced it with Server vNext 25941 right now - still the same behavior.
"Ready to reproduce" package as VM to import into Windows 11 or Server 2022 - follow the text file on Desktop of the VM:
Based on Server vNext 25941 (24 GB):

Based on Server 2022 (26 GB):

The video when I tested with Server 2022, same behavior with 25941 and 25931:

Has been reproduced on Windows 11 21H2/AMD 5950x/64 GB ECC RAM and i7-4960x/Server 2022 as host OS for above VM.
If anyone else can reproduce it: Tell me. Would be nice.
Minor problem with build 25941: Feedback hub does not open.

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