[Server 20289.2] Change "Rename this PC" to "Rename this Server" in Windows settings UI

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in Windows settings => System => about , on the right side there is a link, "Rename this PC (advanced)", It really needs to be "Rename this Server" instead.

because Windows Server 2022 is not a PC, it's a server.


Insiders, please upvote this feedback: https://aka.ms/AAb33pv




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There are a lot of other instances that are similar to this example that would benefit a review and a UI refresh.

For example the icon for computer on the desktop is named This PC, I am sure there are many other instances since the underlying code is from Windows 10.

HJi @HotCakeX 
Upvoted. I agree with you. Needs to be renamed.

@PGomersall @Mr_Trust_A 

Thank you,


and you're right, the GUI need to be fully reviewed and tuned specifically for Windows Server.