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Hi Team, we have a customer running with MS HyperV2012 R2 and the VMs reside on the storage LUNs.

They want to install MS HyperV 2022 in new servers and migrate the VMs to New storage LUNs. (Since Old server and storage are EOSL). 


Any suggestion on this? 


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The 'Microsoft Hyper-V Server' product has been discontinued, the Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2019 is the last version. I suggest looking at Azure Stack HCI, which is the new premium on-prem hypervisor offering from Microsoft.


@Elden Christensen Thank you for the response. 

Yes, we are planning to use HyperV 2019. 

Please help me answer what I have requested earlier for HyperV 2019


Since you are deploying new servers with new LUN's, you can just stand up the new system... then do a shared nothing live migration across (live migration + storage live migration). SCVMM can also make this easy as well.


@Elden Christensen Thank you for the reply. Maybe I'm not satisfied with the answer. Will change the Question to get clarification for me. 


Compatibility of 2012 standalone hyper v (Microsoft hyper-v 2012 is installed in the server local disk) and VMs is stored on Netapp 7mode storage. is it possible to run the virtual machine in the 2019 / 2022 cluster in clustered OnTap after the migration from7 mode to Ontap. could not find any information in IMT.


Kindly advise as we simply transfer everything over (intact) to the new storage through the copy based 7 MTT.