Installing Windows server 2019 in a Server 2012 Domain

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I want to know if its possible to install Windows server 2019 in a Server 2012 Domain in such a way that i will not have to change the Domain controller.

If possible, what are the requirements and dependencies to accomplish this?

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Yes, can do. Nothing special, just join the domain as normal.



Adding in Windows 2019 member servers do not require that you upgrade the functional level of the domain. However, there might be a role or two that will require a 2019 domain controller be present. Also, you can not directly upgrade 2012 to 2019. Below is the Windows Upgrade Center link that gives you all the details and tips.

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@srsysadmin @John Marlin thanks guys, the link you sent and response you gave helped me out.

@srsysadmin @John Marlin   How about adding a 2019 server to a 2012 domain ... which it asks for functional level to be raised which i have. I need to promote the 2019 to a controller as its replacing the 2012 R2 DC and is the only controller. Ive tried it every way possible and still asks for attributes which were meet.

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The topic was relevant.

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