In place update to build 22463 fails.

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Hi I have build 20344.1 and tried to do an in place upgrade to the release eval build, but there is no option to keep files and settings (it is greyed out).  I then tried to download build 22463 and carry out an in place upgrade to this build, which does have the option to keep files and setting.  However when the update screen starts (blue screen with update progress) it fails immediately after few seconds, with  a pop up that just says installation failed.


Can anyone help with this?



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Has no one had this problem? I do not want to rebuild the system each time we try the new build. Can anyone please help how they managed to carry out an in place update with a newer build please. Thanks.
You can perform a build-to-build upgrade within the same version, for example, for pre-release builds of Windows Server 2022. Windows Server 2022 has released. Now we have moved on to the next version of Windows Server. I don't believe you can upgrade from a pre-release version of WS2022 to a pre-release version of VNext. Once you have your first build of VNext installed, you should be able to perform B2B upgrades again.
Thank you for your reply. SO I am currently running with a preview build 20344.1. The release build is the evaluation build. Trying to perform an in-place update to this evaluation build did not give me the options to keep files and settings. I assume it will make no difference if I create boot media to perform the installation rather than mounting the ISO?
Is there any build that will let me update while keeping the setup? Thanks
I don't think you can go directly from 20344.1 to 22463. You should be able to upgrade from 20344.1 to 20348 which was the Windows Server 2022 final build. The final build was never released to Insiders. It is available on the Microsoft Evaluation Center, or on Visual Studio Subscriptions for free if you have a subscription there. The VSS build would not be an evaluation build so if you can get it there, I would recommend that. Once you have 20348 you should be able to upgrade to 22463. I haven't run into this particular situation before, so I'm not positive, but that approach may be your best shot.

@Mary Hoffman I have build 20348 installed and get the same error message when upgrading inplace to version 22463.

Where did you obtain the 20348 build?

It is a MSDN Download in our Test Environment: 22348.230

Thanks, investigating with our internal upgrade subject matter expert.
Thanks Mary for investigating. It would be nice if the evaluation build lets you do an in place upgrade as for testing we don't always want to rebuild and also don't always want to use every single build, may want to skip some. Would it be possible to ask the engineers if this could be allowed. Thanks
Build-to-Build upgrade is already supported within the same version, e.g., Windows Server 2022 or Windows Server VNext. The issue seems to be related to upgrading from the RTM build of Windows Server 2022 to the first released build of VNext.
Yep I understand that, although haven't done the upgrade yet. However, to get the download of the release that is not an evaluation build means trying to locate the details or person responsible for the accounts and getting a download. It would be far easier to be able to update my current build (20344) to the release build (eval is easier to get than the subscription) in place so it keeps the settings. Then we can either stay at that build to check the impact or go to vNext. But seems like a lot of hurdles in doing this for me, unless the eval build supports in place upgrade. Sorry if I have misunderstood something.
As for myself, I never tried to upgrade from the final (RTM) version of Windows Server 2022 to the first build of Windows Server vNext (11). I wanted a fresh start of a new testing period. For me, it would be interesting to see that in-place upgrade from one build to the next of Windows Server vNext (11) to the other., especially if new builds will came often. Until now, we have only one build. If there will be as often as weekly builds, this will be important to know.
We are still very early in the development cycle of VNext which is why we have not yet resumed our usual weekly cadence, but yes, we do intend to resume weekly builds at some point. We support preview build-to-build upgrades, so when the next preview is released, let us know if you have any issues with upgrading from 22463.