If you create Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel VMs in the Azure portal via script, read this.



In an effort to improve the navigation and ease of use for our valued customers, there are some changes coming to the Windows Server offerings in Azure. These changes will only affect users who are using script to create virtual machines and only for the following versions:


Windows Server, version 1803

Windows Server, version 1809


If you are accessing any of these images via script, the offering name parameter will need to be changed from windowsswerversemiannual to windowsserver as in the example below.



az vm image list-skus -p MicrosoftWindowsServer -l eastus -f windowsserversemiannual


az vm image list-skus -p MicrosoftWindowsServer -l eastus -f windowsserver


You will still be able to access the old images via windowsserversemiannual offer, but those images will not be updated with the latest security fixes.

Please note that Windows Server, version 1709 is unsupported as of April 9, 2019. Updated images for this version are no longer being provided.


This will be effective when the media is updated with the June cumulative update.


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