Hardware to weak?

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I installed Windows Server 2016 Essentials (with GUI) on my homeserver. Could it be that my hardware specs are to weak for the OS? Everything feels very slow ...


CPU: Intel Pentium G3420 3.20 GHz


OS is installed on a M.2 SSD (512 GB)

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I wouldn't have thought your hardware was too slow.  I ran it just fine on a processor that is half as powerful as yours, with a not very fast SSD, but it did have 8GB of memory rather than 4GB.  My experience of Windows 10 Pro says that there is a noticeable difference between 4GB and 6GB, and between 6GB and 8GB of memory (though that is running on a Quad core machine).  Also check on your memory speed, though I have found that less noticeable.


One other thing you could do is run it remotely on a more modern PC and see if slightly different burden satisfies your speed requirements.  In principle, depending what you are doing, server software can usually be run on older machines than you would want on your desktop.  Yours isn't that old, and there's plenty of scope for upgrades, starting with more memory.

One other possibility, if you are running it remotely, or if file transfers aren't that quick, is to check that your connection speed hasn't been downgraded to 100kbps. That happened on an older Win10 machine with a GA311 network card. It is a Gigabit card but is still only connecting at 100kps.