Feedback (Hub) for Windows Server 2019 Preview Build 17623


NOTE : this is not my first rodeo.  I started beta testing and feeding back to MS back when we had only MS-DOS, so I am not a 'newbie'.  Thanks.


Hello, I have been posting a few reports and comments on the "Feedback Hub" via my Windows 10 system, and it appears to me that no one from Microsoft is responding.  By responding, I mean *doing something* besides just reading.


If I select the Server section, sort by Recent, the third post is a SPAM post about someone asking and begging for money.  I think this should be deleted.  And there are some other posts but no response from any at Microsoft.


A few of us have also posted some good suggestions for the feedback reporting and we are still not getting anything from MS.


So, let me post a few ideas here:

1) add a date/time stamp to the posts, so we know if we're replying to something that is recent and not 10 years old.  It would also be cool to do this on the original post so we can know the sort is working and someone (a human) is doing something with all we post there.

2) A 'read' flag on posts would be helpful; so we know someone (a human) has actually looked at it.  Ok, they can ignore it, but at least someone is taking the time to actually read what we took the time and effort to post.

3) Can we have a section to feedback on the feedback hub because it could certainly use some improvement.  First thing, is to have it available on the server editions, too.  Maybe because a few of us do not use Windows 10.  I do not and had to build a Win 10 box just to feed back.  Ugh.

4) Remove the rubbish posts.  Keep it clean.

In the first 10 posts, NO ONE from MS has commented on any.  Please do us some courtesy to at least say 'got it, thanks, on a list'.  It makes us happy.  :)


Ok, so that's all for now.  Many thanks for the server 17623.  pretty good, but I have errors and issues which I will feedback.  If I see nothing in the feedback hub, then I will suggest to everyone we just post everything here, which is probably not correct.  Or maybe it is?


Cheers, Mark-Allen


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Is there a way to install the feedback hub on Server 2019? I'd like to get quality metrics with my bug reports but unfortunately I am stuck submitting reports via a Windows 10 VM..

Hi Tristan,


I think this question about installing on Windows Server 2019 should be a separate post.  And yes, it is a good question.  Please ask it.


I was wondering more if any MS people were responding to ANY posts .... I mean, like before I die.







Hi Tristan. I agree the feedback experience is not ideal and we are working on improvements. We are working on a set of PowerShell modules that will allow you to collect diagnostic information on your server remotely from your Windows 10 client and then attach the resulting logs to your feedback. Hopefully this will be public in the next few weeks - watch for an announcement in this forum. Additional changes are also in the works for the Feedback Hub application itself in order to improve the experience for Server users.

@Mary Hoffman 

I just opened the feedback hub and selected "Windows Server".

The first 10 posts are just spam and questions from users how to install different games. No cleaning or any replies from Microsoft.

Is there no actual channel to report bugs in Server 2019?