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Feedback about very outdated announcement posts

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The actual announcement posts here do not seem to in any way promote or even link to any material about changes between that and the previous build. (And SEO doesn't seem to cover the blog posts about server updates; it seems to be only found from the right column in the main view of this forum. Pretty rough if you can't find it with search words such as "Windows Server changelog" or "Windows Server patch notes". Why should people test something where they don't know what has been changed?)

Now, the main comments on the contents of the announcement posts:


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Thank you for reporting the broken links. Those have been updated or removed. We repost all the information with every announcement for the benefit of new people that come to the Server Insider Program. I've removed the link to the Azure Preview offer until such time as we have a preview available. As for the change log, we are still very early in the development process for the next version - we do try and reply to specific issues reported by Insiders via this forum, but we do not provide a change log for all issues that are known or resolved. When new functionality is ready for validation by Insiders, that information will be posted in the associated announcement. Thanks for your feedback.