DHCP HA Reservation replication support

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Is there any change that 2025 will support replicating DHCP reservations finally within a DHCP HA setup?  We have to rely on powershell scripts today to accomplish this.


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You made me curious! All DHCP HA setups I had in my hands now, since Server 2012, did replicate the reservations to the other side. ( I cannot tell for Server 2008 R2 and before since I never ran DHCP in HA there, but I suspect it is that way since Server 2000 ).
So what is the exact HA setup you use?

Agreed, DHCP Failover "cluster" without using Failover Cluster Manager but DHCP internal failover (active / passive or active / active (loadbalancing) feature does replicate everything BUT not

- new or changed DHCP scopes
- MAC reservations

in both cases this can be done via Script or MMC (Replicate Scopes)

I would be thrilled to see this changing.

Idea: scheduled task doing this work, so you do not have to change much on the service.

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