Can't Install 18346 Server Core on Vmware 6.5

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I am running Vmware 6.5 and have previous versions of Windows 2019 installed, configured and running. However on 18346 I try to update the server (18343) through a mounted ISO and it freezes. I get the first blue screen and it goes to 100% installing, then it reboots and freezes at the blue windows logo. I waited for a couple of hours to be sure but nothing. I force a reboot and my VM reverts to 18334 giving me an error about failing a Safe OS boot.

Anyone else? Any ideas?


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did you manage to find a solution for this issue? 

I have the same error - neither a update to the new version nor a fresh install is working.


Nope. Nothing I tried worked. I had an old Dell server that I put Hyper-V server 2016 on and down loaded the VHDX image. Spun up just fine there. Maybe MS is trying to ditch VMware in favor of Hyper-V. LOL Who knows
And this is still an issue in 18356!! Hyper-v works fine no VMware. what gives Microsoft???


no VMware. what gives Microsoft???

I think you have it turned around. The burden is on vendors like Dell and VMWare do the firmware, driver, and integrations development in order to certify with a given operating system.