Any progress on Hyper-V Server 2019 download release date?

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Hi Mary,


It's been a month since your last update on the availability of the Hyper-V Server 2019 download and I'm just wondering if enough progress has been made to at least provide a speculative ETA? (i.e. month, quarter, year)


For folks still on 2012 R2, it's not worth jumping to 2016 with 2019 more or less available.




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I'll second that @LainRobertson. Any news @Mary Hoffman?

… and I'll third that..
I've been waiting since November 2018..
Will it be released as Hyper-V Server 2020 ?
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The good news is, yes, there has been progress. However, it may still be some weeks before the media is available on the Eval Center. I'll alert everyone when it's available.



At the moment it's not a big issue to rest on Windows Server 2012 R2. We have made the mistake and switch to the "17763.1.180914-1434.rs5" Release. It works and will be updated trough our WSUS.


But we have found out, that Windows 1809 (Windows 10 and Server 2019) have a memory-leak when using a storage-pool. The non-paged-pool is growing (20MB per 50GB data write).


Hope Microsoft fix it together with the release of Hyper-V Server 2019.

@Thomas Heuberger Best guess, June timeframe. Looking good so far.

@Mary Hoffman 

Sounds great. thank you for the positive information. :) 

Hi Mary,   @Mary Hoffman 


It's been almost a month since the last note on when this will be available...


Any further updates?  We have many server upgrades to work on this year and since 2019 is out, makes no sense to deploy on 2016...….


Thanks much.



@invisik55 Still on track for June. Thanks for your patience.

@Mary Hoffman Lets hope its June 2019 and not June, turning into July, etc.....


A lot of organizations need to deploy this.


I dont understand why in the Windows Server 2019 media there isnt a option to deploy:





Hyper-V Server



@riahc3  We're finalizing the release schedule now.

The Hyper-V role is included with full server. See One reason Hyper-V isn't included on the same media with the Datacenter, Standard (and the core option for each) is that Microsoft Hyper-V Server is offered separately as a free product. 

@Mary Hoffman Is it possible to get an indication of when in June the media will likely be ready? 

@vanburen10I will post an update to this forum the minute the media is live.

@Cavok Still on track for a release this month. I'll post here when it is available for download..

@Mary Hoffman I hope to see the download link in the coming days :)

@AndrejLukmanYay! It's here!

@AndrejLukman wrote:

@Mary Hoffman I hope to see the download link in the coming days :)

@max40monks Wooooohoooooooooooooo :)