17709 domain DNS registration fails, also %LOGONSERVER% var missing.

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First I have noticed that the %LOGONSERVER% is no longer present in Server 2019 (at least in the past several builds that I know of).



I have tried joinging 17709 Standard and DataCenter installs to both Server 2008R2 domains and now a Server 2019 v17709 domain and they never register with the Domain DNS. They show up in the DHCP (only, not DNS) if their IP is dynamic but when set to static they do not show up in the domain DNS.


Even explicitly registering with:  ipconfig /registerdns from an elevated cmd does not result in the system showing up in the DNS


My current test environment is Server 2019 v17709 DataCenter running the Hypervisor role.

A new physical domain controller running Server 2019 v17709 DataCenter with the Active Directory, DNS and DHCP roles.


The Domain controller properly shows up in the DNS, however neither the physical hypervisor running DataCenter 17707 or any vm's within its HyperV will properly register with the Domain DNS.

However, a Server 2016 vm registers with DNS properly as does a Windows 10 1803 vm.


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We're seeing the same issue with no DNS registration.

Also if using MDT you need FQDN and not only Netbios for JoinDomain