Windows Update not working on Windows Server 2016

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Hi everyone, 


I have a server with Windows Server 2016:

 2022-03-25 10_07_18-Window.png

For some reason, I cant update Windows, it get freezer with "Preparing to install updates 0%" message.


2022-03-25 10_06_32-Window.png

The server is connected to internet and i can navigate without problems. Since 2018 this server is not updated.

Someone knows how i can fix this? If Windows Update doesn't works, i can download the updates from a web? 




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Hello, I suggest to install the latest Servicing Stack Update (you may have to install previous ones first), restart the server and retry.
Did you manage to fix the problem using the site?
Hi, thanks for your help.

To be sure, just downloading the latest version (KB5010790) it's enough or I need to download and install some kind of sequential packages?

Thanks again!
Please mark my answer as solution to mark it as solved and just check windows update again and see if it wants to install more


Steps to Fix Windows Update Stuck at 0% on Server 2016 issue:

Let me add the answer first, which worked for me after trying several steps. Then, if this doesn't work for you or your scenario is different, proceed to other steps.


Check the firewall service:

In Windows 2016, the firewall should be on and active to make the Microsoft updates work.


>Visit services under the server manager, and ensure that the windows firewall service is running.

>Once you started the service, the Windows update started Downloading automatically.

If it doesn't fix the issue for you, then go to the next step.


Check internet proxy setting:

Windows updates cannot download the packages through the web proxy in most circumstances. 

>There is no proxy setup on the web check & confirm on the web browser.

>Remove the proxy setting & download Windows updates to provide direct internet to the Windows server.

>Check the active and existing proxy settings in the command prompt by the below input.

>netsh winhttp show proxy


Go to the third step if it does not work for you to fix the issue.

Clean Update Catalog Folder:

Also, one reason that Windows update content folder/file/catalog is not corrupted, so the download is stuck at 0%. So cleaning the folder may allow continuing Windows updates successfully.


>We need to stop the service before the cleanup.

>steps: Services >Windows update service > stop the service

>Once the service stops, navigate to the next folder location & delete all content.



It is the place where downloads the updates of Windows OS., so clean up the specific files/folder & starting the service.

After deleting the files, start the same Windows Update service you stopped initially. It will restart the update service and download the updates stuck at 0% on the Windows 2016/2019 server earlier.


Start the Windows Updates service you stopped initially after deleting all the files. It will restart the update service & download the updates stuck at 0% on the Windows 2016 server earlier.


Try the above steps and check which one works for you to Fix the Windows updates. Windows 2016 servers are stuck at 0%.


I verified the update that it was trying to download had already been installed.

Then, I just waited like 30 minutes and the Update Status changed to checking for updates and cleared on its own.

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