Windows not telling, which AD User locked the document

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we have windows 2012 Domain Controllers with windows 10 clients computers in our AD environment
Due to Pandemic most of our Users are logging in from home via VPN
when a user try to open a document (from Windows 2008 R2 file share server) which is already opened by another user. Windows prompts a message. "word/excel document is locked for editing by a Windows user. do you want to open read only".
Does anyone know why its not giving the name of AD User ?

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Did you find / resolve the issue?
if this is a traditional Windows Server File Server you can open the computer management mmc, remotely connect to the fileserver and check the open files to see who has opened the file.
You can sort column in the MMC by user or path etc.
That's correct, but the question of @Bundoo was about the user not getting a message in Word/Excel who the user is who's actually locking the file

@Harm_Veenstra I hear you. Thanks for clarification.
I am seeing similar issues with File Servers as well as files located on SharePoint Online / OneDrive for Business. The user who is locking the file is no longer shown as we were used in the past. It could be the case it is not yet this way in all Office products, but I can certainly confirm this for Office 365 current channel.

for unknown reasons I have a customer that must disable this feature in OneDrive. As any files opened would be reported to be locked. This is not the default but an issue we did not find the root cause.