unattend option vm ware for windows server 2016

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hi. a blind it student doing certificate iv networking from http://www.upskilled.edu.au. use jaws for windows from http://www.freedomscientific.com and non visual desktop access from http://www.nvaccess.org. now got vm ware workstation 15. created a unaatend file. and now got windows server standard 2016 64 bit. using windows 10 pro 2004 64 bit pro. wondering. any tutorials, or any one done a unnatend file and how to then add it to a iso or vm ware in vmware. have tried googling. and do have the assessment and deployment kit plust the microsoft deoployment kit. any ideas. thanks. in australia.ps: need to do this for a lab practical as the other sighted students they use hyper v in a tool called http://www.heropa.com and does not work with my screen reader and not very user friendly. had to then use vmware workstation to install windows 10 using a talking windows 10 installer and that worked out fine for both 1903 and 2004. then used my host system to customize and then add short cuts, task bar, etc. and then save screen shots and then import them all and use a tool in jaws called picture smart which describes text in a image. thanks. 

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