Storage Replica - Anyone using it successfully?

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I read about Storage Replica about a year ago and finally got around to setting up a demo in my environment. From my experience so far, this seems like it's still in preview. Am I doing something wrong?


I've created a 4 node stretch cluster using iSCSI storage between my on-prem datacenter and Azure subscription. Getting the data disk sizes to match up was a pain in the rear since which metric is actually used to define the size of the disk isn't clearly explained.


I finally got passed that and got a File Server role added to the cluster and replication setup. Only to find that I can't move the owner of the role from the on-prem site to the remote site using the Failover Cluster Manager. So, I figured I'd try the Windows Admin Center since it includes a section for Storage Replica. That does not successfully "reverse replication" either. It just changes the replication from ONPREM01 -> AZURE01 to ONPREM01->ONPREM02. And as you can imagine the automatic failover doesn't work either.


Has anyone had success with the feature? Are you using it in production? This seems like a great hardware agnostic native data replication solution, but so far my experience is dismal and I can barely find any documentation on it outside of Microsoft Learn.

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