Report page loading issue on WSFC with SQL Server 2016

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I have a question the Analytics and Reporting loading issue on WSFC with SQL Server.
I added lists of all recommended ports rules and rules for SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS services to inbound on Windows firewall.
If turn off Windows firewall for only Public network settings, the Analytics and Reporting page load normally. But it's not connect the Analytics and Reporting when turn on Windows firewall.
I think that the Public network is related the SQL IP, Cluster IP, DTC IP using Guest or public networks of Windows firewall.
What firewall rules are needed for guest or public networks of Windows Firewall on WSFC with SQL Server? How to resolve this issue?


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You can turn on some logging for the profile in use to determine what's blocked.






I know the same logging settings of Windows Firewall.
I have set the dropped packets in the same setting a month ago, but no logs were recorded.
I wiil be try one more time.
I tried again logging for the Public Profile but there is only ALLOW logs, no BLOCK log.
What is another option?

Not sure what is meant but you can also try wireshark or message analyzer.