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I have a new HPE Server with Windows Server 2019 that I am setting up to replace a Windows Server 2008 Server and have a log in problem.  What led up to the problem is that I decided to change the name of the Server to that both servers don't have the same name on the network.  I went into the settings and changed the name.  It said changes will be made after a restart.  I restarted it and when I try to log in now I get the message: The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship.  There are 2 users configured on the server and I get the same message for both.  It gives me 2 other options to sign in but neither of them seem to work. 

They are: "Type domain name\domain user to sign in to another domain" or

"Type *******\local user name to sign in to this pc only(not a domain).  Whereas ******* is the new name of the server that I renamed it to.  Any ideas on how to log in?





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Since the trust is now broken you'll need to logon with a valid local account in the form of;

  • servername\username
  • .\username




@Dave Patrick Thank you for the reply.  When I try to log on with the original name of the server Poweredge\administrator and the administrator password I get a message that states: An attempt was made to log on, but the network logon service was not started.  The problem started after I renamed it to Poweredge2.  Do I log on using the original name, Poweredge, or the second name?  I've tried it numerous ways and it wont accept it.

What roles are installed? I'd certainly try them all, but it sounds like the server may now be somehow broken. If this is the case I'd suggest restoring a recent backup.



@Dave Patrick I'm not sure.  This is a brand new set up and haven't set up back up yet.

Since a new setup, the quicker solution is probably to clean install it, patch fully, and try again.