iSCSI Target servers - high availability?

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I have two VMs configured as iSCSI target servers with a 600GB VDHX file on each, and then two VMs configured as file servers in a failover cluster. The iSCSI servers should serve out the data that is shared in the failover cluster file server.

I would like to also configure the iSCSI target servers in high availability mode, so that they replicate their data and if one of the iSCSI target server go down, the shares and data is still accessible. How would I go about doing this?

So far I've tried setting up storage replica, but since I only have one site, it doesn't allow me to replicate to the second iSCSI disk from the one that currently has data. I also tried iSCSI Target-role in the failover cluster manager, but it puts me back at the same situation where if the storage server with the virtual iSCSI disk goes down, I lose access to all data.

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