Increasingly Issues with Windows Updates

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As a Microsoft Partner we're patching the Windows Servers of our customers on a monthly basis. During the past months we recognized more and more issues with the updates (CU's) we wanted to deploy during the maintenance window (either via SCCM or directly through the web). The updates become bigger and bigger and the quality seems to drop :(

Just wanted to let you know.



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@Phil81That's something I've also seen in the last months, in my case on isolated virtual machines not joined to an Active Directory. The updates are getting larger, but I can manage download them correctly for all of them after spending some time. Windows Server 2016 is the one that takes longer than Windows Server 2019. After installing updates, I ran the some Dism commands to reclaim some space in the servers:


I think updating to Windows Server 2019 or newer would be a solution. I hope updates get better in the short or long run, but I don't think it would be the case for Windows Server 2016 anytime soon.

Hi@Jorge Morales Vidal , thanks a lot for your input.

We see the issues also on Server 2019, so upgrading isn't an option here. But we also see it on older versions like 2016 and 2012 R2.

I addressed this topic also to generally challenge the concept of ever-growing CUs, which does not seem to be a sustainable solution.