HOW-TO: Import Out of Band Updates to WSUS using Microsoft Edge Chromium and modern IE Mode

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Windows 10 / 11 / Windows Server 2016 or later with WSUS RSAT Tool installed.
latest Microsoft Edge installed
Internet Explorer (mode) is installed in Settings > Apps > Optional Features or equivalent location in Windows 11


- Open WSUS MMC and right click Updates from the tree > Import Updates 

- Copy the Link from the Edge address bar
- Open Microsoft Edge Options > Default Browser 
- Add the link to the IE mode list

- Change "Allow sites to be reloaded to "Allow".
Hint: The "Default" setting will not be sufficient to allow the installation and use of the ActiveX plugin.

Go back to your update catalog tab, Install the ActiveX if you have not done on this box already (check if you have not setup restriction to execute or install ActiveX already.

Thanks for the hint @Eric_VanAelstyn 
cc @Aria Carley @MissyQ 

cc for the other teams as I did not want to repost it in Edge and Servicing communities, unless you insist :) 







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