For windows server 2016 inside folder sharing tab missing

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Hi friends,

I need your help, i have server 2016 standard 64 bit. Inside server my sharing folder is not accessible and also shearing tab is missing.
I have open server manager console share option showing error occurred during enumeration SMB share. The server services is not started.

Kindly provide the solutions .
I am looking forward to your response.
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Hi @Vivait 


On the server, please open services.msc as an administrator.


Check for the service call server and make sure it is running and not disabled. If it is not running, start it and try again. If it is running but you still cannot go to shares, let me know.

As below mention I have go to server services and start the service and share tab is showing but after that sharing folder is not opening.

Try to new create test folder and give full access than check \\server\test folder is showing but can’t open .
And also access to \\IP address it is showing folder can’t access.

Actually our windows server 2016 in workgroup.

Kindly help me to resolve the issue and my share folder working fine.
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Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings and check that radio button for Turn on file and printer sharing is enabled



HI @Dave Patrick,


it is also turn on. please check the attached file and help me it is my be server of any services issue or registry issue.


kindly provide a solution...  



I'd check the server and problem member are both part of the same workgroup and that the same user account and password exists on both. For the newer OS's enabling network discovery may help.

Check these services are started on all members DNS Client, Function Discovery Resource Publication, SSDP Discovery UPnP Device Host and also check the firewalls allow Network Discovery for the network profile you're using (in my example below using domain).