Cant find domain but can find file share and boot images

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I have a Windows Server 2019 setup with a file share, WinPE boot images and an active directory domain setup. i want to be able to set the client pc up to login with the username and password i created on the server but i cant connect to my domain. i can connect to other things on the server just not the domain i get the error message "An Active Directory Domain Controller (AD DC) for the domain "CHARSRV.local" could not be contacted." The Client PC has Windows 10 Enterprise which was installed from the server with no additional scripts or programs.

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I'd check the domain controller and problem client both have the static ip address of DC listed for DNS and no others such as router or public DNS



would you be able to give more detail please? i have the ip on the server set to and client is
just unplugged the router i was using as a switch kind of thing, and connected the computers directly and now it works. i’m gonna try disabling DHCP on the router and then plugging the pcs back in i think it was the two DHCP servers conflicting.