Won't my normal webcam support Windows Hello Face

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I have a Mi Webcam HD 720p

Shouldn't it be compatible with Windows Hello Face?


I have Windows 11 build 22526



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Windows Hello required special Camera and not every Camera.
I advise you to check with your device manufacturer's support and see if your camera is supported or not.
In some cases, you might need to update the driver and it should work but you should confirm it is compatible.
And, It's an External Webcam ( USB ) is that a problem?
The point is you have to check and make sure the device is ready for Windows Hello.
In case of USB Camera you may use the Camera app and verify if it is working and also make sure you are running the latest build of the Windows.
Yep, It works, and also i have the latest build in dev channel,
Windows Hello uses Infrared rays, right? so the camera supports Infrared rays or not that i have to check right
Yes infrared is one of functionalities but you have to check and make sure the Camera is Windows Hello ready and sometimes they have special logo or note or you may contact the manufacturer and confirm this.