VBS and compatibility with other hypervisor vendors.

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Hello Microsoft Security, thanks a lot for opening this board.


Microsoft brought many nice security features in Windows 10: (Credential guard , Device guard, etc ...).


I tried to look at the documentation but could not find it. Is those features will be enabled by default ? on all version of Windows ? or we need to enable it ? That is the first question.


The second question is: once these features are enabled, which require Hyper-V role to be on. VMWare Workstation or VirtualBox does not work anymore. Does this mean, that we cannot use other hypervisors when such security features are enabled ? Is that because Hyper-V does not support nesting other hypervisor and this may be supported in the future ? Will Microsoft allow us to nest Hyper-V inside our own hypervisor ?


Thanks a lot again.

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