Updating Web Media Extensions when Microsoft Store is not available

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I have several computers that require version 1.0.40831.0 of Microsoft.WebMediaExtensions. There is a serious vulnerability that needs to be patched. Microsoft Store is not an option because I do not have time to touch 600+ computers; there is no automated way to check if Microsoft Store is updating computers properly (other than my vulnerability scans) and if I have to go to each computer that is not updating and do it manually with the user logged on then that is a problem. I need to do this silently and without interrupting people's work. 


I tried to figure this out using winget but the winget source does not support Web Media Extensions for some reason. 


What are my options? I've spent the better part of a day trying to figure this out reading many articles and forum posts. There should be a way to do this using PowerShell and I thought winget might be the answer but it's not so how do I patch this? 

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Winget works but Web Media Extensions cannot be updated with it. I can find it with: winget search --name "Web Media Extensions". The source is listed as msstore.

When I execute "winget upgrade --name "Web Media Extensions" --accept-source-agreements --accept-package-agreements", the output is "Failed when searching source: winget An unexpected error occurred while executing the command: 0x8a15000f : Data required by the source is missing".

There have been some issues with winget upgrade over the last couple of months but my understanding is that these have been resolved. I did source reset and update but this package is still not updating with this tool.

At this point, I'm going to send instructions to end users to update manually with the Microsoft Store app but what a ridiculous way to update software. Why not just distribute things like this normally through Windows Update?
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Try joining the discussion I shared and ask for help, here you are unlikely to get a response.

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