How come Microsoft are in partnership with words biggest scam company? Tech365

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Just google scam tech365" and you get thousands of hits were people lost a LOT of money. And look at this!

Microsoft office 365 migration services NJ | Tech365

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"Long story. My Canon5050 was coming up with an error message not connected to a driver so I searched for a solution. Came across a site 'PChelpsoft Driver updater'. Being in a rush to use my printer I paid around £50 for the software. I installed and ran a scan which revealed several drivers needed updating. I duly updated but printer still not connecting to a driver. Meantime, I received a text from PC Helpsoft saying 'If you need to activate your software call us free'. I called the number, waited 30 minutes and finally got through to a technician, Joshua. He was very helpful and spent a LONG time remotely accessing my computer. At one time he advised he would ring off while he investigated issues further. He called me back and advised he had found over 400 issues and would pass me through to another technician who would resolve problems, but it became clear this would not be free. He then proceeded to talk me through a list of advantages of signing up to AnyTech 365 - 3 levels of service ranging from around £299 for 6 months subscription to around £499. I told him that as I am a pensioner I would go for the lowest cost service but as I was thinking about it alarm bells sounded - why would I pay upfront for a 'service' I have never heard of? Joshua then took me to a page which required my bank details and explained that he would come out of the remote access while I entered my details. At which point I logged out and hung up. He called me straight back and the number came up as 'potential scam' . Which I firmly believe it is. I'm 73 and not smart enough to fix the issue with my printer but smart enough not to hand over my bank details willy nilly. Please beware everyone! Both of PChelp soft and AnyTech 645. Incidentally, to add insult to injury I'm still unable to print!"
this the worst about them. They concentrate on older folks that knows nothing of computer. And also for the most part have a low income.