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"We the Users" may all want a new HELLO experience that lets' users have a much faster/easier quick login using Mobile Phone Authenticator + Cam  | To Microsoft Development, will you design a HELLO experience that lets' user has a quick login using the interaction with the authenticator,  The way I see it:
- when the logon screen becomes visible with the PIN / Password input box

- specific symbols or markings are animated to go around CCW/CW the round avatar (user picture)

- a mobile app (authenticator) is used to pick up the symbols and begin negotiating/handshaking for the Hello login


MSDEV: the 'round' user avatar that is presented at the log in screen may have a band or ring with good contrast security tokens that visually circle around the avatar picture - these may be the tokens that a mobile phone can interact with by using the mobile phone cam

For those interested in promoting this feature:

What we need is some animated logon picture that helps explain how we envision a log-in session with our mobile phone, using the authenticator app (Microsoft). If some symbols appear on the hello LOGIN screen, circling the avatar IE the round picture in the middle above the login box, this animation of some sort can be picked up by the mobile CAM and login immediately.

This technique is gaining popularity as 2AF in all kinds of incarnations: QR code - any symbol that may be immediate connect like 

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