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I am a win10 enterprise user. Sometimes I have to control my computer on my iPhone/iPad.So I have to open the tablet mode. But I can not find it in the notification center.There is no "TABLET MODE"There is no "TABLET MODE"

There is no tablet mode .............

If there is an issue, please fix it. If there is no issue, please tell me how to open it.  And I don't want to reinstall the system.

Thank you


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Hello @mikezhuang,


Try this:


Go to Settings > System > Notifications & actions > Add or remove quick actions and turn On the Tablet mode option.


The Tablet mode quick action tab should be now back in Notification/Action center.


Hope this helps!

Thank you! But I cannot see Tablet Mode。。。。。。屏幕截图 2021-01-27 164148.png

What Could I do next?

Thank you:-D

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@mikezhuang, In Windows 10 Version 20H2 or later, I recently found that Microsoft removed the Tablet Mode button from the Action Center. I checked the Preview build on another machine and Tablet Mode was not available for me too.


To manage Tablet mode, open the Settings app. Go to System > Tablet, then click 'Change Additional Tablet Settings' and from here you can toggle to turn on/off Tablet Mode.



@Kapil Arya Thank you, it works. I am using the dev insider edition.
But I still like the old edition..... It is much more convenient. Maybe it's because This device has no touch function.......

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I hope Microsoft can add the feature again.

Anyway, thank you for your help!





@mikezhuang wrote:

I hope Microsoft can add the feature again.

Anyway, thank you for your help!

You're most welcome Mike! I have already dropped a feedback for this at If you like you can upvote.


@Kapil Arya Thank you very much.

I don't how to upvote...... If you want, please tell me.

But I commented:屏幕截图 2021-01-28 201222.png

Thank you!


@Kapil Arya I found it. They said it's to help reduce confusion...... But I really need this feature.


@mikezhuang, I believe the upvote button is no longer available. And yes, I read the official response that it was removed to reduce confusion. Well, as the feedback is already there, let us see how much users are affected. If the large number of users are affected, there would be a hope to get the feature back.


Good luck!