Stop auto install Microsoft Store apps

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Does anybody know a manner to stop downloading/ installing all the apps from the Microsoft Store as soon as an user logs in to the store (Xbox, Skype, CodeWriter etc)?
I`m doing some testing with Azure AD join and Intune MDM, but when a device is joined and MDM managed, the user is automatically logged on to the store, which results in installing more than 30 apps, from which most apps never be used. Would be nice to prevent those apps from installing.


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Do you use Windows Store for Business, we have this and enforce a policy from intone which will only display your private store.

You can also send uninstall commands from Intune which will remove these apps pretty instantly upon first logon.


Thanks for your reply @John Guy

No at this moment we don`t use the Business Store. If you we use the Business Store and only display this store, will that prevent all the other apps from installing?


And how do you send those uninstall commands? Setup a Windows Store app and assign it as Not applicable? Or do you add this app to your Business Store, sync to Intune and set as uninstall?

Thanks again

I am not sure about it stopping installing other apps, we definitely saw an improvement.

We added the app to our Business store, synced to Intune and then send and assign the app with the action "Uninstall"

We found the uninstall request from the mdm actioned before it downloaded the bloatware.
Seems to work for me. I now realize there are a lot of unwanted apps.
Strange thing is all apps are uninstalled but after a while Code Writer and Sway are installed again. Maybe because of Windows updates or something?
Have you noticed any difference in assigning the uninstall to user or device groups?