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Recently our Organization started to migrate our client infrastructure to Microsoft Intune.


Windows 10 OMA-URI Lockscreen Timeout:

To personalize a timer of inactivity to lock Windows 10 you will have to create a custom device configuration profile with an OMA-URI path. I will now explain you which settings you have to set to get it working:



The OMA-URI Path is:



To define a time of inactivity create the Data type Integer

Use your preferenced amount in seconds. (for exampe: 900 for 15 minutes.)

Take a look to the image attachment for exact configuration.


Now assign this device configuration profile to your device group. Make sure you also sync it to the client from the web portal of Intune, but also on the client in the company portal. 


Perfect, the assigned devices will now lock after a user inactivity time which you defined.





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Just want to say thanks, worked perfectly!



We have a problem with this auto lockout policy.

We have a time tracker application that times out after 3 minutes of inactivity, and our policy is set to five minutes.

The thing is, 1 minute before the time tracker app timer runs out, it comes to the front of the windows asking the user if they are there and if theyre dont awnswer it exipires. because the window comes to the front after 2 mins it resets the policy , thus you would have to wait 7 mins.

Is there any workaround to this problem?