Novice question about managing UWP applicaitons

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Hi Everyone 


Sorry if this sounds really really simple but could someone point me in the direction of any documentation on managing UWP Windows 10 applications at an organisational level. I'm especially interested in how to manage organisation-wide licences for paid applications. 


To give a little context, I'm not a Sys-admin, I'm AV and Service Desk Triage guy with some specialisation in Video Conferencing. At my employer we've had some issues getting the team who manage our Windows 10 build not fully understanding some of the central management functions. I'd like to be able to point them at a guide and say "can we do it like this" but I don't have sufficient understanding of how everything happens under the hood at an Org level to find exactly what I'm looking for. 


The two main things to make sure for me are as follows: 

- Actually making sure all the UWP components we need are in the build (sometimes stuff seems to go missing or get cut out as a workaround for something or other), we're missing the Film & TV app which we need for its built-in surround sound codecs.

- Manage updates for software via Windows Store so we don't have stuff lock up because we've not given users admin access (for me VLC and Skype are key examples)

- Ability to manage paid applications via Windows Store (this is least important) 


I appreciate that there are much better ways to manage this kind of thing (we use Jamf for Macs and I assume there is similar for Windows) but I'd just like to get what should be there already working and up to date. 


Thanks again for treading this, I'm aware I sound like a total noob asking for advice on stuff most people know off by heart but a little direction so I can find something to throw at the team that manage the Windows image to fix these issues would be super helpful. 

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